Cabin Goodmar

Egotistical second-born of the Goodmar line



Narrow-set eyes give this otherwise decent-looking noble’s son a slightly rodent-like appearance. Of average height and average build, his fine-crafted court trappings for the most part concealing the beginnings of a little pot belly, testament to the life of drinking, eating, and partying that Cabin has been living.


Deep down, Cabin Goodmar is an insecure, jealous and angry young man, with a deep-seated hatred of women. His role as son of a nobleman, however, does a good enough job of keeping his anti-social urges at bay. Indeed, Cabin has been known to partake in public displays of kindness and generosity, but only in situations where it will improve the Goodmar familiy’s standing with the commonfolk.


Cabin Goodmar has the sense of entitlement that only a nobleman’s son could have, and he wants to get what’s his. He wants women to love him, men to fear and respect him, but above all he wants to impress his father and further the family’s cause.


Cabin Goodmar

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