Sirion Dessair

Pretty-faced, bastard knight. Lost Paladin


Romance novel description of man in shiny armor:
Dreamy, tall, strong jaw-line, perfectly trimmed beard, “dazzling gold eyes” [sure..], strong build but easy-going posture.

Now to the grim:
The knight in not-so shiny armor might be handsome, but his constant lack of money and luck in his recent travels have wearied him down. His face is still pretty, when you can spot it underneath the dust and mud. His armor might look imposing from afar, yet proves to be dented and rusted when inspected closer, making it clear that he probably just bought the cheapest thing in the rack. His travel boots’ heels eaten away from long days of travelling around by foot. Still his smile stays, and through the mud and grim he maintains his je ne sais quoi , that strange curse of him to be too attractive for his own good.

A metronome between Casanova extraordinaire and daddy issues. Sirion has for the most part an easy going personality, quick for a joke and a sense to him that allows anyone to feel good around him. He has learned how to speak to anyone and keep their favor, from the lowest of scum all the way up to emperor daughters., they all have a weakness for his friendly nature.

When it comes to battle and proving himself he has… problems. He will take any means to win recognition, to the point of pretend. He is on this crooked quest to make a name for himself as a protector of the people, while willing to take the not-so- noble road to reach this goal.

Perhaps this little adventure that has started is his chance to come at peace with his insecurities and discover the strength of character needed to truly become a paladin of justice?


Son to Absolon Dessair, a widely renowned and respected general of the empire military, Sirion’s childhood was a combination of his father screaming how useless his was and the Order of Justice trainers screaming to him how unworthy he was. He was trained in military arts and sword-fighting since the moment he managed to pee standing. The Order of Justice was his father way of making sure his son grew up to the high standards of Imperial military (or, in Sirion’s eyes, his father’s way of spending as little as possible actually taking care of him).

There was something neither his father nor the order could have predicted, the bulky fat useless child grew up cursed with unnatural good looks. To the dismay of his piers, his looks pulled the attention of many of the court ladies, dragging him from very young age to .. uh.. play… stuff… and … mumble mumble. THE POINT is, Sirion grew quickly tired of the order’s strictness, often escaping at nights to enjoy life at its fullest.

In one of his escapees he became very good friend with a high noble’s son, and using a little persuasion here and there he manipulated his friend’s father into asking Absolon to make his child, Sirion, into a bodyguard/chaperone. So started what most have been Sirion’s happiest (few) years of his life, from 14 to 17 he was dragged from one party to the other, quickly outgrowing his “bodyguard” part and becoming the center of debauchery and “things best not mentioned” for the young nobles of the court. Half-way through his epic, Sirion had more laid than his father had in a lifetime (explains his mood), but somehow through it all managed to keep away from his father wrath (with a few exceptions that resulted in major beatings from him).

One unique thing:

But all good things come to an end. One faithless day a series of pamphlets started appearing in court. They described (without using names) the love affairs and adventures of a “Armor-less Knight”, who would make due with anyone in the court of the Empire. The youngs were thrilled! So much to know and learn for the armor-less knight! Their parents were not. It caused an out-roar, parties were cancelled, princesses and prince alike locked to their palaces. Who would dare spread such hurting lies?

Only that they weren’t.

Oh no, for Sirion read those pages. One by one, and tens of tens of times again he read them, and guess what? They were, to the most intimate detail, an exact description of every single time he had have sex. From the maids, the merchants, the nobles and even his major success, 9th in succession the princess herself, all of them scribbled and out there in the world. It wasn’t just sh**ocking, it was just… impossible for someone to be following him into this places and spying on him (some of them weren’t even big enough for two people to fit right without … adjustments). He bowed to search for whoever was responsible for such crime! He asked around court, pulled his strings, followed the pamphlet delivers …But alas…. to no avail. The culprits were as sneaky as night itself. The only thing he found out was a rumor that the pamphlets were actually copies of a book, hidden from sight. The book, if you’d believe superstitions, apparently wrote itself every so often, detailing in third person the sexual adventures of Sir Armor-less. Shame.. shame on them to spread his secrets!!!
Indeed his success rate was drastically reduced, his most kept … techniques being out in the open, now he was just another copy-cat like the rest of the nobles in court.

The fall-out [more to come:

Sirion Dessair

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