Tiefling Warlock

Str 8 -1
Con 14 +2
Dex 14 +2
Int 10 0
Wis 14 +2
Cha 18 +4

One Unique Thing

Chosen by Bloodbane, the red blade

Icon relationships

Crusader 1, positive; his parents pledged their firstborn to the Crusader in exchange for the protection of their village
Shadow Prince 1, positive; The Shadow Prince has an interest in Thybalt for unknown reasons
Diabolist 1, negative; If you were plagued by demons you’d hate that bitch too

Racial Power

Curse of Chaos


+4 Carpenter’s Son from Clearfield (an Imperial Wild Wood Settlement)
+4 Haunted by Demons

Class Feature

Knightly Pact: 1/battle reduce a hit to half damage

Class Talents

Hexblade: Use Cha for melee attacks; deal d10 against cursed enemies
Quick Curse: Use curse as quick action 1/battle when escalation die is 3+
Curse Mastery: Gain 1 bonus feat per level to spend on curses


Burning Retribution: Cha vs. PD; 1d6+4 unholy dmg; when target deals damage to you, deal half to it (save 14+ ends)
Screaming Curse; Cha vs. PD; 1d4+4 thunder dmg + daze (save 14+ ends)
Hungry Shadows; Cha vs. PD; 1d8+6 cold dmg
Immortal Heart: Roll twice for Con checks

Now this is the story all about how
My life got ruined right before I was born.
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became a Warlock of the Crusader

East of the Wild Wood born and raised
As a carpenter my dad spend most of his days
Axin’ and waxin’ and hackin’ all cool
Making tables chairs and furniture
With his own hands and some tools
Until a couple of demons who where up to no good
Started making trouble in the neighborhood

He got in one little fight and his wife got scared
And said we’ll pact with the Crusader
Even if he wants our firstborn heir

A baby was born and when I slapped its rear
It had a tail on the back and horns near the ears
If anything I can say that this kid was rare
But he thought nah forget it our son, our heir!


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