Yara Elenlinde

An elven orc shaman


Yara’s dirty, long, straggly white hair are not enough to conceal her pointy elven ears. Stooped over with age, her skin a course, leathery brown, and wearing a patchwork of dirty furs and leathers, it is hard to recognize Yara an elf. Her chest is unclothed, revealed wizened, sallow breasts. Her clothing is adorned with necklaces made of the small vertebrae of small field animals. On her waist is a belt, from which hang a collection of skulls. Some are big, some are small. There’s a human skull, and what might be a dwarf skull, and and assortment of skulls belonging to unknown creatures.


Yara was born an elf, but she was separated from her original parents at an early age. Adopted by a nomadic orc tribe, she grew up on the northern plains as an orc nomad. Given her natural elven inclination towards magic use, she managed to establish herself within orc society as a shaman. Being a highly-respected position, one should not underestimate the resourcefulness and guile that would be needed for a non-orc to achieve this position.

Yara Elenlinde

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