Tameron is a small village in the Owl Barrens, wedged between the Red Wastes and the Wild Woods, roughly a hundred miles from Santa Cora. It is nestled in a shallow valley, surrounded by farms and grassy hills.


About 700 people live in Tameron, with about 90% of them being human.


Tameron exists as the trade hub for the surrounding farming communities. In the past, Tameron citizens used to trap animals or cut wood in the Wild Wood, but these days the High Druid aggressive protects that part of her forest.


The town is governed by a mayor, appointed by the Emperor (or his proxies). The mayor governs the town in an autocratic manner, and most of the taxes his gathers from the townsfolk are sent to Axis. Law is maintained by Sheriff Borse and his squad of about six town guards.

Places of Note

The Melancholy Manticore
A well-kept village tavern where one can get food, drink, and find some entertainment.

About 10 clergy attend to Tameron’s temple, servicing the spiritual needs of the townsfolk.

Ruins of a Cult of the Four Horsemen Settlement
There used to be a small enclave of the Cult of the Four Horsemen located a short walk from town. It was destroyed in a mercenary raid, however, and now nothing is left except some rubble. Sheriff Borse has pledge protection of the ruins from scavenging townsfolk.


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