The Cult of the Four Horsemen

The following is a summary of what Ayn‘s cult believes about the four gods of War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. These beliefs are not shared by 99% of rational beings within the Dragon Empire. Regardless of how crazy the world at large considers them to be, it remains to be seen how much of the cult’s prophecies turn out to be true.

Unlike the more mainstream devotees of the four gods, Ayn’s cult believes that for the first time in history the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are working in concert to bring not only this Age but the world itself to an end. Instead of seeking to forestall the End, the cult believes the world has become so corrupted that it absolutely requires a divine and extreme cleansing, in a cataclysm of blood and flood and flame. It should be pointed out that only within this cult are these four gods grouped together as “the Four Horsemen”; this term is not generally recognized in the outside world except to those who have knowledge of obscure belief systems.

Those who assist the Horsemen in their plans for the End will earn a reward in the afterlife, perhaps even being granted a degree of godhood. There are several ways cult members can assist such plans, but they mostly involve helping or hindering the activities of the various icons. One priest oversees the cult and is believed to be able to receive visions and prophecies from the gods. His authority within the cult is almost absolute, and his interpretation of divine will and assessment of the group’s priorities is usually accepted without question.

The cult’s commune in the Owl Barrens, near the Wild Wood, was recently destroyed in an surprise attack by a band of mercenaries. It is unknown how many cult members survived, if any, or whether it has moved to a different location and continuing its practices there. Also unknown is the hirer of the mercenaries and the reason for the assault.

A part of the cult’s lore that is only known to the priest and a couple other high-ranking members is that Death is the other face of Life and War is the other face of Peace; the same applies to Pestilence/Health and Famine/Plenty. The gods may choose to emphasize one aspect over the other depending on their own plans for the world at a certain point in time, but they always have dominion over the entire spectrum of the phenomena they represent. The fact that all four gods have chosen to manifest their destructive sides at once is considered significant. Once again, such beliefs are generally not shared by the greater population of the Empire, and to say that the gods of light are just another aspect of the gods of darkness and vice versa would be considered heresy by those such as the Priestess.

The Cult of the Four Horsemen

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