The Eroding Empire

Burning Spines and Fighter Jelly

Session 31

It’s a cold winter morning in Droskyn Keep. The party has just awoken with a hangover from a night of heavy drinking, with the exception of Thybalt, who is being treated by the keep’s doctors with their best efforts, and Rawdon, who is still happily snoring away. Vorax, meanwhile, is already up and sharpening his blade.

A discussion ensues between Lythward, Nemona and Vorax, and the party decides that the best course of action would be to go looking for Thybalt. Lythward remembers that he once researched Droskyn Keep, and that it was famous for channeling the magic of a hell hole. He suggests to look for Thybalt near the mouth of said hell hole.

Then Rawdon wakes with with a bad hangover, and Nemona offers him a home remedy for it.

Out in the courtyard, Vorax spots a soulless-looking, heavy armored formation of soldiers. Their eyes are nothing but blank stares.

The party steps into the courtyard and starts searching for a way down.
Unable to find a staircase down, they decide to lower Nemona down the well in the center. Vorax takes the winch while protesting that this was not his idea.
The water down there turns out to be lukewarm, and there is a glooming light under the water, to the side. Vorax then convinces the others that this would be a very impractical entrance to a chamber where they would hide Thybalt, and the party keeps exploring elsewhere.

  • scene change *

Meanwhile, Thybalt has been brought to a room where old men are gathered. He is placed on an altar with a red cloth, and different methods of medicine are being tried on him, one more painful than the other, but to no avail.

  • back to the party *

The party keeps exploring the keep, snoping around the kitchen and different corridors. In a room full of armor, Rawdon discovers a tunnel that was dug by giant rats (possibly a signal by the High Druid?). Crawling through there, Rawdon finds a set of gauntlets.

Lythward then hears a muffled scream of pain, which he assumes came from Thybalt. Apparently it came from behind a wall.
The party follows the direction, and comes upon a strange room littered with dead bodies, and a strange ritual going on with a large vat of a hellish liquid…

Nemona starts a conversation with the men performing the ritual, and she is told that this is an area where no guests are allowed. Asking for Thybalt, they tell her that the treatment is still ongoing and she should not disturb it.

Lythward sends Big Meanie (his skeleton) forward to where they believe Thybalt is held. One of the castle inhabitants tries to stop him, but wasn’t strong enough. The presence of a skeleton scares the castle inhabitants, and they run away calling for the guards.

The party uses the confusion to press forward. However, the way forward is blocked by two gelatinous cubes. Or rather, a purple gelatinous octahedron, and one green dodecahedron. Vorax tries to reason with the guards, but to no avail. His attempts at diplomacy were interrupted by Thybalt’s pained screams.

Combat ensues, and Rawdon pushes the dodecahedron into a side corridor to unblock the passage. The gelatinous cube tries to slap him with a pseudopod but misses.

Lythward smacks the cube with a Ray of Frost, while the octahedron gobbles up his skeletal servant. Vorax gets jumped by the octahedron and ends up stunned. Rawdon continues to keep the passage open, and Lythward made a heroic dash for it.

Nemona manages to dart past the cubes and reach the room with the old geezers “healing” Thybalt. They tell her to get out and not disturb the ritual, but she decides to at least cure his wounds.

Vorax spends his turn shaking off of the stun, while Lythward gets swallowed by the other cube. A vibrating crescendo spell sends shivers through the jelly and it spits him out. He immediately smacks it with a ray of frost on top.

Then Vorax gets swallowed up by the Octahedron. He couldn’t manage to cut himself free, but he gave it a good slashing from within.

Rawdon decides playtime is over and barges in at the dodecahedron, frothing of the mouth with pure rage and cutting out a good chunk. Unfortunately the cube then bounces on him, knocking him out for a moment. Lythward shoots another round of frost rays at the two cubes.

The cure wounds was not enough to bring Thybalt back, so Nemona climbs onto the altar and starts praying for a miracle. Her pleas are answered, and Thybalt starts opening his eyes! He immediately starts coughing up bile and blood from his lungs.

Vorax still can’t get out of the octahedron, and starts slashing at it more and more desperately. Lythvard let loose another Ray of Frost at the Cube. The cube then splits, spitting out a smaller tetraeder!

Thybalt, awake but miserable, hears the combat noise and his survival instinct kicks in. He drags himself up and beams a curse and hungry shadows at the little ooze that split off. Nemona then finishes it with a holy javelin.

Vorax finally manages to cut himself free, and smack the ooze that almost suffocated him into pieces. A concerted effort from Rawdon, Thybalt and Nemona then kills the last ooze.

After a bit of banter with the doctors that were trying to cure Thybalt, the party sends them off to inform the master of the keep. Then they start looting potions and oils from the destroyed oozes, except Thybalt, who only found a bent silver fork. Then they head for their rooms to clean off pieces of ooze and get some rest before they have another meeting with Straghor Solace, master of the keep.

And they are faced with another pressing problem. After Nemona healed Thybalt, a burning flame appeared on her neck, and slowly starts burrowing down her back. This surely can’t be a good sign?


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