The Eroding Empire

Of Deals and Double-Crosses

Session 43

The Triumvora entered their statues’ chest cavities and Tybalt struck the first blow. After suffering some wounds Nimona called off the group and told them to give the Triumvora the body of the Priestess. Lythvard, and ghost form, flew up and grabbed the body of the Priestess from the coffin being held by a 5-metre iron golem. With no exit apparent, Lythvard used his affinity with the Lich King to use the bottom of the coffin as a portal, disappearing through the bottom of the coffin.

Tybalt and Rawdon stormed out of the chamber while Vorax vowed to continue their discussion with the Cardinal Triumvora later about the power of the church. Lythvard popped out of portal into a writhing mass of zombies attacking the walls of the Cathedral. The dragons fighting in skies notice Lythvard trying to get out of the zombie hoard, and dived towards him, ready to grab him and the body.

The rest of the group, inside the Cathedral, watched in awe as Norruth and 4 skeletal dragons came crashing through a giant glass atrium roof in in the Cathedral and dive-bombed into the Cathedral floor, seemingly near death. Lythvard got Vollenth’s attention, Lythvard’s dragon, and tried to get him to carry them off with the Priestess. Nimona called out to Vollenth that Lythvard was not with them, and Vollenth took that moment to pounce upon Lythvard and pin him. Vorax went to check on Norruth, and found him breathing and still alive, but unconscious. Vollenth gave Lythvard a speech about choosing his own path, and asked what would he choose if he had to choose between death and living a life as the pawn of evil. Lythvard said he would choose death, And Vollenth promised to kill Lythvard if it became necessary.

Nimona healed the wings of the dragons and the guards murmured tales of the dragon healer. “Draxlegear Dragon-Healer!”

Tybalt approached Lythvard, who backed away in fear, and told Lythvard that he was suspicious but willing to give him a chance. Rawdon shattered the wall next to him and forgave him, giving him his dragon horn as a symbol of his acceptance.

Heading back up the elevator for the third time, the group reacted to the lull in action in their own ways. Entering the Triumvora chamber once again, they placed the Priestess into her coffin on an altar. The Cardinal Triumvova then asked what was next, and suggested taking care of the devils that were mentioned by the group in the Wild Wood. Tybalt took Lythvard’s Cloak of the Dead Lands while Rawdon took Tybalt’s old Demonhide Cloak.

The Lamassu gave Nimona and Vorax a powerful magic item each on behalf of the Cardinal Triumvora, who had been impressed with their maturity.

While the party searched through the Santa Cora refugees inside the Cathedral walls for Emissary Zardun, Rawdon met someone from his tribe named Grygar, an old hunter of elephants, who told him that their tribe was in danger of being civilized by orcs. Saying that they would talk later, Rawdon said to the group that they needed to leave as soon as possible.

After finding Zardun and making a deal with the Emperor, they decide to go to a nearby mountain known as Mt. Everdark, and make their way to the massive black oak. Entering the opening, found that the tree was made of half flesh, half wood, and was riddled with a series of caverns within it. The ground was uneven and the paths winding, and they saw weird sap veins running throughout the interior of the tree. The tree’s black ‘flesh’ was riddle with squirming chitinous black bugs, of all shapes and sizes.

Coming upon two elves sitting in a room, Lythvard recognized one of them. Lythvard tried to get them out of the tree; however, they didn’t buy the lie so he said he wanted their food instead. Tybalt tired of the situation and called out the devils to reveal their true forms. They happily obliged. They also summoned a centipede-cobra that had the ability to belch fire. Later a rumbling was heard and a purple worm dropped from the ceiling. The party eventually defeated everything or made it run away, but the devils left no bodies to show the Verisiels.


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