The Eroding Empire

Of Bear Skin Rugs and Birthmarks

Session 34

After defeating the demon that accidentally got teleported with them, the party gathers in the dark, rotting forest.

Except Rawdon, anyway, who seems to enjoy watching the wrestling match between a dwarf and an orc, who also got teleported.

Nemonas birthmark, which has the shape of the sun of the Church of Light, is getting worse. Thybalt warns the group that the burning is a sign that asking for a divine favor to restore Lythward and Thybalt back to life was too taxing on her. They group needs to get help, such as from the Priestess.

Nemona isn’t too happy with the plan, and reveals to the group that she has found corruption within the Church of Light. Priests were more focused on filling their purses than helping the believers. Unfortunately she doesn’t know much about the meaning of the birthmark herself. Thybalt tells her about his own bad experiences with the church.

Meanwhile, Nemona recognizes the area the group is in as the Spiderwood. This leaves the group puzzled as to how to get back to civilization. Based on Vorax’s suggestion, they decide to head south-west towards the Queen’s Wood.

Rawdon rejoins the group. After some talkdown by Thybalt, the orc, Futgarek, and the dwarf, Mokreed Brightblade, agree that fighting each other isn’t the best course of action right now, and grudgingly agree to accompany the party on their way back to civilization.

Thybalt climbs a tree to figure out a direction. Above the canopy, he sees thunder and lightning, and a volcano in the distance. He can’t see the sea, or anything that would help him tell the direction. Rawdon steps in and gives the party a general direction by looking at moss on a tree. The party decides to head off.

They find a small lower area where they decide to rest. As they are about to take off again, something is coming closer. Pixies!? The pixies greet Rawdon. They tell him that they are guardians appointed by the High Druid, and warn them about a group of dark elves that is following them.

Thybalt, in his brash foolishness, calls out to the dark elves, who reveal themselves. They ask what the party’s business is, and they reply that they are just lost travellers. The elves offer to help, against a price. First, the party has to meet their master…

In a dark cave, adorned with the skin of a dire bear, sitting on her bear jaw throne, the party encounters a drow leader with long flowing white hair. The party gives introductions, and Thybalt “from the Wild Wood” seems to leave an impression as she considers adding him to her harem… She also seems to be quite smitten with Rawdon.

She offers to teleport the party to Concord in exchange for a favor. Her initial offer, to catch a few pixies so she can gleefully rip their wings out, is rejected by Rawdon in disgust.

Thybalt steps in and asks for another deal. Not quite thinking this through (again), Thybalt agrees that the party will go and kill Sorth, a red dragon living in the volcano he spotted earlier. And so the party ventures out to kill a red dragon with their orc and dwarf friend.

At the volcano, they notice a gnoll hunting party leaving the lair, but let them pass. Mokreed points out that the dragon lair is clearly dwarven architecture. The party decides to head in, with Mokreed in the point position, despite his protests.

Stay tuned for next session -


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