The Eroding Empire

Of Mentors and Mayhem

Session 39

Meeting in the tavern, the group began to discuss what the next step was; however their conversation was interrupted by Rattnab and his Verisiel hit squad. Many notable things happened during the battle; Cunning assassins summoning torrents of thorns, Lythvard falling in battle consistently because the attackers were targeting him in particular, and Rawdon summoning his ancestors to fight beside him. Flashbacks of events passed plagued the party; Lythvard with memories, and Rawdon with promises.

The enemies, sensing their plan had failed, began to bail through their respective exits. Tybalt darted through the entrance looking for Rattnab, and Rawdon making his own entrance through a wooden wall. A kind dwarf pointed towards Rattnab and Tybalt teleported to him and started to futilely wrestle with him, eventually falling into a dirty creek. Rawdon caught up and knocked Rattnab out. Vorax found that one assassin was wearing clawed gauntlets related to the Great Gold Wyrm and so took them. All of them beating a hasty getaway before the guards showed up, they were approached by a cloaked woman in an alley. She confided to Nimona that many people wished to have a word with her, and offered safety from the guards. Heading down the alley, straight into the unknown.


Furikake_Kid Furikake_Kid

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