The Eroding Empire

Of Revolts and Rats

Session 41

After the battle with the Lich prince, Prazhek, the group quickly made their way out of the cathedral using their Echo device. However, upon entering the Echo, they felt the ground rumble beneath them. Deciding to move with haste, they traversed the ruined landscape, but the rumbling increased, so they decided to take refuge near a ruined church. Rawdon hefted a boulder away from them and a giant worm tore up from the ground, the hapless chunk of rock disappearing into the worm’s giant maw as it writhed above the party. Taking shelter in the church, Nimona summoned an illusion of a red dragon to distract the worm long enough for the group to transport themselves out of the Echo.

Emerging from the Echo into an abandoned church, they were scolded by a rat herder, and they exited the church with the Priestess’ body in tow. Storing the body in the cart, and Thybalt disguised as a friar, they made their way to the meeting point Uzura told them she would be at. Initially panicking when seeing Thybalt’s disguise, she was eternally grateful for what the group did for the people. The party and Uzara were confronted with a problem: how would they allow the people of the slums of Santa Cora pay their respects to the Priestess, while at the same time protecting the Priestess’ body from both the Church of Light and the Lich King. Uzara said she would convene a council and wished for Nimona to speak at it; Nimona agreed and the group rested for a bit.

Uzura eventually came back and led the group down a rat-maze of alleys to a small clearing deep in the slums filled to the brim with people. Nimona gave a speech comforting the people; Thybalt keeping watch, Vorax listening intently, and Rawdon being disinterested. Then, shadows passed over the crowd and around a dozen metallic dragons were spotted circling in the sky. Norruth, a silver dragon, came down and spoke to Vorax in his mind, telling Vorax that the Great Gold Wyrm had sent them to watch over the Priestess’ body while they took the Priestess around the slums in a funeral procession, giving all the slums inhabitants a chance to pay their respoects in a single day. When Vorax announced this to the crowd, cheers went up for the Great Gold Worm and all the parties involved. The group decided to take a small break and Vorax, Nimona, and Tybalt wet looking for a bathhouse. Rawdon returned to the abandoned church and slept on its roof.

Then, in the streets on the way to the bathhouse, out of nowhere, Thybalt gets recognized by a man named Sebastian Redtail who begins to chat up Thybalt and said that he’s been looking for all of them. Redtail tries to get close to Nimona, close enough to assassinate her, but Vorax, noticing Redtail’s ulterior motives, subdued Sebastian and fiound a poisoned dagger on his person. They went back to the church and had Rawdon keep an eye on Sebastian. After an interrogation that went nowhereexcept reveal that Redtail believed that he was performing the assassination for the good of the Church of Light and their gods, they went back to Uzura to tell her what has happened. She was concerned about Nimona leaving Santa Cora because Uzara felt that Nimona’s leadership was needed to embolden the people to stand up to the excesses of the Church of Light, and was very sad about the prospect of Nimona’s impending departure. Vorax suggested to Nimona that it might be a good idea for her to anoint someone to lead these people in her stead, and Nimona decided that Uzara would be the best candidate.

After another discussion about what to do with Sebastian, they left Sebastian with Rawdon and go for a warm bath to think on it. Eventually they come to a decision to leave Redtail at the front gates of the Cathedral. Slightly embarrassed, Sebastian made his way back into the cathedral and the group leaves the guards confused. On their way back to the slums, Norruth was waiting for Vorax atop a watch tower. Vorax told the other to go ahead and he climbed up the watch tower to have a private conversation with his silver-scaled friend.


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