Derlin Borse

Sheriff of Tameron



Don’t let Sheriff Borse’s portly appearance fool you. He’s surprisingly active and mobile for his size. His station allows him to dress quite well, but he always ensures that his clothes remain functional and practical as well as looking good. He takes pride in his long and immaculately kept beard, as he considers it a symbol of the discipline required to maintain the high standards of a lawman of the Empire in a Town wedged between the Wild Woods and the Red Wastes.


Sheriff Borse is a soft man with a hard edge. More often than not, however, it’s the hard edge that is visible to the world. He treasures the time he spends with his family, yet he believes that allowing even the smallest infringement to go unpunished is the first step towards anarchy. Thus he has the dilemma of trying to balance his lifestyle between being a family man and fastidiously upholding the law and taking proactive steps to ensure Tameron remains crime-free.


Derlin wants to do right, maintain order in his neck of the woods, but his number one priority is to maintain keep his job.


Derlin’s father was also a Sheriff of Tameron, and he learnt his trade – and his values- from his father. His father trained him well, and gave him no favors, ensuring that Derlin earned his stars fair and square. When Derlin was appointed Sheriff, no one doubted that he was the right man for the job.

Derlin was appointed Sheriff after his father was killed in an incident where he was trying to put right a problem that a hot-headed vigilante had caused. Since then, Derlin has had little tolerance for vigilanteism. “Law, justice, retribution: leave it to the professionals” is Sheriff Borse’s attitude.

Derlin Borse

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