The Eroding Empire

The Ecstasy of Vines

Session 44

The group stood in the small chamber after the battle with the devils and discussed how to go about proceeding. It was eventually decided that they would continue to explore caverns below the tree.

Continuing forward the group was suddenly assailed by some form of vine or tentacle from the walls of the tunnel. Everyone was wrapped in the invasive vines which penetrated their bodies. During the invasion, Rawdon believed he saw a vision during which he looked out from the High Druid’s eyes. He told the group that he thought the High Druid was being held captive below the tree and was being forced to protect it. The group decided to continue deeper in search of her.

As they continued down they heard a humming or buzzing up ahead. Moving carefully forward they came up behind Rattnab. After Lythvard surprised him, Rattnab urged them forward to see a potion he was working on in front of a strange device. Lythvard allowed him to continue his work which then caused an explosion within the chamber. While Lythvard realized at the last second that he was seeing an illusion the others did not and felt the brunt of the illusory explosion.

After some further walking the group came upon a shaft cutting through passage. Thybalt quickly scouted out the shaft leading up. He returned shortly saying that there was little more up there. Looking at the vines along the passage Rawdon determined that one which had a greenish glow contained the essence of the High Druid. The essence moved upwards into the tree so the group moved down.

A short way down was a chamber. Within the chamber was the top half of an iridescent “magi-organo” sphere which glowed in various colours. The sphere was attended by a devil. The devil was stirring a concoction of some sort and muttering about “her” approaching feeding time. After feeding a remorhaz, the devil moved towards a writhing wall of vines. The group moved in to attack.
Lythvard’s initial attack was answered by a devastating counter-attack from the remorhaz which emerged from the stone wall beside Lythvard. The party concentrated their attacks on the remoraz while the devil flung fiery dart-like projectiles around the chamber. The remoraz was brought down by a series of devastating hits from a raging Rawdon as the beast crushed a near-death Vorax.

Meanwhile Thybalt engaged the devil with Nimona (and soon Rawdon) moving in to assist. The devil throughout chortled in orgasmic glee as it feasted on the heroes’ life essence. When brought close to death, Thybalt teleported away leaving an illusion behind for distraction. He grew irritated when it failed to draw the devil’s ire.

A bullette attacked Lythvard at the back of the group. Lythvard evaded the bullette leaving it to attempt to charge into Rawdon and Nimona. The charge was intercepted by Vorax who took a battering in the process. Vorax lay into the bullette with powerful blows and Rawdon finished it off.

As the battle turned to concentrate on the devil, Lythvard turned his magic on the glowing hemisphere. His attacks caused the entire cavern to convulse knocking everyone to the ground. Soon after a badly wounded devil taunted the group that it was only the first step and then slit its own throat open.

As the battle ended, Rawdon immediately turned and plunged into the wall of writhing vines in search of the High Druid. Nimona and Thybalt followed in after him. It was a struggle to push through the vines, but the three emerged soon thereafter with the near-death High Druid. Nimona immediately began tending to her. Lythvard nobly offered his own life force to Nimona in order to save the High Druid. Fortunately the sacrifice wasn’t required. But the High Druid required more help and so the group began the trek back to the surface. As they began, Vorax commended Lythvard on the offer saying that it was a worthy sacrifice to be prepared to make. Eventually the group emerged back on the surface to the relief of all.


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