Orc Military Structure

Orc military units have the following structure:

War party = about ten orcs
War band = about ten war parties = about 100 orcs
Cohort = about ten war bands = about 1000 orcs
Horde = about ten cohorts = 10000 orcs

The unit names above are the ones given by Dragon Empire scholars. In truth, each horde will have its own names for their units.

Orc culture is ambiguous about where an orc’s first loyalty lies. Depending on the situation, an orc may claim that his first lies with the brothers that fight be his side: his war party. At other times, he may claim that the horde becomes before all else. The only thing that will never be an orc’s first loyalty is loyalty to him himself. An orc will always hold loyalty to the group above his own needs.

Orcs have an amazing stamina and can run for about 16 hours a day. This give orc hordes remarkable mobility without the need of mounts.

Orc Military Structure

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